Dan Krieger

Profession/ Avocation: senior botany and park/tourism management major at Kent State. He also volunteers at Cuyahoga Valley National Park as a part of his major.

Connection to the river: Krieger lives only 10 minutes from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. He said he also had some experience along the river as a Boy Scout; they often hiked the towpath and camped along the river. But he was not familiar with the river's problems for a long time, he said.

"I really didn't know too much about it. There really wasn't a heavy focus on the health of it when I was growing up, so we just enjoyed what we had, and then later on, it really became much more popular to try to take care of it."

How did you get interested in the environment? "I grew up in the outdoors, camping and enjoying the outdoor. It was something I just gravitated towards."

Why I do what I do related to the river: "It's important to take care of and be good stewards to what we have," Krieger said. "It's just something I have a passion for. We've been given a lot, so it's rewarding to give back and try to contribute a little bit."