Dorothy Brown

Age: 66

Profession: Cashier at Giant Eagle

Profile: Brown moved to Ohio from Hendricks, Minn. in the early-1970s with her first husband. Brown has lived in Richfield for 22 years, and presently performs her weekly cleaning of the Cornerstone Family Church in Boston Mills, Ohio. She has been a member of the congregation, which amounts to fewer than 50 people, for nearly 20 years. A sign outside the church reads: "The Heart of Jesus in the Heart of the Valley." When Brown first joined the church, she took part in a mass baptism in the river, one of about a dozen people.

When asked if she was concerned that she was baptized in a river that once caught fire, she laughs.

"I never thought about being concerned about it."

The sign in front of the church also reads: "Behold, I make all things new. Rev. 21:5."

"It was kind of neat getting baptized in the river as opposed to somebody's pool or something because we've done that kind of thing, too, but this was, this was the only time they did it in the river and there were people standing on the bridge watching.

"It was just, I don't know. A baptism is kind of significant anyway. It's symbolic of, it's supposed to be like dying with Christ and rising up again. So they, you know, put me under water and back up again. But it was just being in a river like that, it's more like in Biblical times like when John baptized people in the river. So I thought it was kind of significant; it was just more like Bible times."

Favorite feature/place/section thing about the river: She likes driving past the spot of the river where she was baptized—right under Glennis Siegfried's window.