Doug Charnock

Age: 40

Profession: Manager of Century Cycles (16 years with the company)

Connection to the river: Close proximity to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Cuyahoga River allows for a good rental business. "Being close to the Towpath works very well for us."

Profile:Charnock has lived in Peninsula for 10 years. "I'd say I've a vested interest in protecting the river."

The Towpath has played a significant role in Century Cycles.

"It gives people a recreational spot to rent bikes and exercise," he said. Charnock said it's a convenience being close to the river and paths. "Oh, flat tire, let's go there."

First memory of the river: "First, first memory? Everybody's memory of the Cuyahoga is the river that burned." Charnock grew up in Medina so he said people always knew the Cuyahoga as the river that burned. Another memory he has was thinking the river was "prettier than I thought."

"Because of the whole 'the river that burned' I always had this industrial, wasteland, junky river and when I came down here I saw there's wildlife, birds, things to see," Charnock said.

Favorite section of the river: "The stretch just north of the town here."