Rex Durdel

Connection to the river: Durdel lives in Twinsburg about 20 minutes from the river. He has been volunteering with a variety of environmental projects for about 15 years, some of which have a direct effect on the river.

Originally from Ottawa County in northwest Ohio, Durdel said he grew up on a farm and around nature.

"I miss the farming, so this is just one way to give back to Mother Nature," he said.

Accomplishments with volunteering: "It's kind of like mowing a lawn. You go, 'Oh, look how bad that looks,'...[then] you step back and you look and say, 'Oh, look at the improvement we've made here.' You get a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling. You can give something back."

Thoughts on invasive-species pull events: "It does take an effort, obviously, on everybody's part just to be educated [about] the problems that there are in this case with the invasive species that we have. They'll just overgrow everything...You can't get the sun, you can't get the rain for the native plants to grow. [This gets] the habitat back where it belongs."