Who We Are

Lynn Townsend II is a senior DSCI major from Washington, D.C. who would like to become a firefighter one day and start a PC manufacturing/ hardware service business. In his free time, he plays football for his current semi-pro football team, The Ohio Golden Knights. He also likes to play video games, work out, and watch movies.
Paul Fry is a senior majoring in Digital Sciences with a Concentration in Telecommunications and Networking. The portions of the website he designed are the Park and Peninsula sections.
Lindsey Lemon is a Digital Sciences student who graduated in May of 2014. Her interests mainly revolve around information technology, specifically, Web design. In between being a full time student and working, she spends time designing for the Web which allows her to not only hone her skills but keeps her entertained by the puzzles Web design sometimes presents. Aside from work, she can be found exploring Buzzfeed and Tumblr.
Michael McGlone is a senior Digital Sciences major with a concentration in Telecommunications and Networking and a minor in Computer Engineering Technologies. His interests include gaming, movies, music, and sports.

Jennifer Morton is a senior at Kent State University. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Science in May 2014. Jenn previously went to the University of Akron for three years and studied art but her interest in the future of technology drove her to change direction. After graduation, she would like to find employment at a startup company where she can use her art background with her technical skills.
Nathan Maggiore is a senior Digital Sciences major with a minor in Computer Information Systems graduating in spring of 2014. A native of North Canton, his expertise rests in technical support, IT, and network infrastructure. He is also interested in Web design, site mapping, and UI design. He works for Kent State's on-campus computer repair shop, The Tech Spot. He loves metal music, basketball, and exploring the world.
Osama Al Salloum, an international student from Saudi Arabia, is a graduate student in the School of Digital Sciences who also holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Kent State.

Alicia Crabtree is a student at Kent State University where she is double majoring in magazine journalism and fashion merchandising. She is a student correspondent at the Akron Beacon Journal and runs The Tree’s Roots, a fashion and beauty blog. A native of Strongsville, a Cleveland suburb, Alicia has always been surrounded by the Cuyahoga River and understands how vital it is to the people of Northeast Ohio.

Daniel Moore is a senior news major who specializes in reporting on the conflicts between energy production and environment in places around the world. He wants to land a job telling the stories of the underrepresented in society.
Carrie Blazina is a senior news major at Kent State who will graduate in May. For this project, she interviewed volunteers and advocates for a story about "who speaks for the Cuyahoga River;" she also copy edited others' stories. 
Tong Guan (Sasa) is a graduate student majoring in broadcast news. In the Crooked River Project, she wrote about the origins of the river and constructed an interactive timeline that shows events through its history. She also helped to construct the section of this site containing profiles of people who have an affinity for and with the river, and this section that introduces the students in the class.
Carley Hull is a junior magazine journalism major at Kent State University. She focused on the flora and fauna of the Cuyahoga River for this project and also helped coordinate and code some of the web pages. When she’s not writing, blogging about coffee and tea or working on websites, she enjoys traveling and cuddling with her oversized Yorkie pal, Dexter.
Audrey Fletcher is a junior magazine journalism major at Kent State University. She has worked for The Daily Kent Stater, The Burr and A Magazine writing, editing and designing. She also interned at Akron Life Magazine during the summer of 2013, and she hopes to find another internship this year. Audrey enjoys writing stories about people and getting their stories out there and is excited to be working on this project.
Celia Fernandez is a junior news journalism major at Kent State University. She was born and raised in New York to a single parent who migrated from the Dominican Republic. Journalism is something that has allowed her to uncover different issues and report them to the rest of the world. For this project, she was in charge of reporting on the dams that were or are on the Cuyahoga River.
David Hrvatin is a senior Broadcast Journalism major studying at Kent State University.  He is the Executive Producer of Kent State’s student-run TV station, TV2. David loves to create and is an advocate of learning through play. He has experience in broadcast and print journalism, serving as a leader of several long-term projects in each.  He is a motion graphics designer for Crooked River Chronicles.
Melanie Nesteruk is a sophomore Visual Journalism student at Kent State University. Originally from Massachusetts, she came to Ohio to pursue her passion for photojournalism. During her time here, she’s expanded her interests to include multimedia and video. Recently, with this project and others, she’s begun delving into the field of environmental journalism and looks forward to expanding this newfound interest when she works this summer as a multimedia intern for the Conservancy for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Hongting Li (Yolanda) is a graduate student at Kent State University studying broadcast news. She created the content for the “people of the river” section of the project.